Different Types of Coffee Tables For You To Consider

Different Types of Coffee Tables For You To Consider

For many years, coffee tables have become a vital part of the house. They have progressed from an essential decorative item to a must-have staple piece worth buying. However, the original purpose of coffee tables is to provide a low surface where you can place your beverages, particularly coffee—and its purpose is still is. 

When it comes to buying coffee tables, there are different factors you can consider. If you’re not an expert on this kind of thing, it can become overwhelming and confusing. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the perfect coffee tables you must check out. 

Traditional Coffee Table

Many homeowners still prefer traditional coffee tables since they provide a sophisticated, warm, yet welcoming appearance. If your space has a retro and classic vibe, this is the perfect coffee table to put. These kinds of tables have sturdy materials, primarily wood and in brown colors. It commonly comes in a rectangular shape or in a circular top with a distinct leg. 

Modern Coffee Table

In contrast to the traditional ones, modern coffee tables have a 20th-century design to mid-century style. Thus, people tend to be confused if they are the same as contemporary tables, which is not since they have a different style, design, and vibe. 

Modern coffee tables‘ purpose is to be functional while incorporating a minimal, clean design that combines several aesthetic goals without being too unique. These types of coffee tables are made of stone and marble most of the time. 

Storage Coffee Table

Storage coffee tables have an unusual style that is popular in guest houses or offices because of their storage. This coffee table will provide you with storage spaces to store unnecessary things like magazines and remote controls while providing a space to put your coffee. You can find these coffee tables in a variety of styles and sizes that will match the atmosphere of your area. The only disadvantage it brings is its size—since it’s larger and wider than normal coffee tables, it is not wise to place them in a small space. 

Metal Coffee Table

One of the most popular materials for coffee tables is metal. Metal coffee tables are perfect if your goal is to keep them for a long time because they are made of sturdy materials. You might think that since it is marble, it is already heavy. However, they are lightweight and more durable than wood or glass materials. They also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors, so you have unlimited options to choose from. 

Cottage Coffee Table

Cottage coffee tables have a decorative style that has an appearance of imperfections, keepsakes, and a mix of different furniture categories. Because of how its appearances possess—fine lines, furnished or rustic wood, twisted leg, sleek—they are labeled as heartfelt and simple. These kinds of tables are best placed in an open area or in your ancestral house. 

Glass Coffee Table

Since more and more space adapts to modern change and trends, wide use of glass coffee tables for various spaces is often used. At the same time, there is modern production has significantly increased the popularity of glass, enabling the furniture industry to create stability in a wide range of styles, sizes, and formats. There are options for glass tables wherein: the counter is only made of glass, or the whole table is glass. 

Mid Century Coffee Table

Another popular coffee style is mid-century, prominent in the 1950s and 1960s. This kind of table appears to be clean with uncomplicated lines, wood, or any plastic touch. It is why they retain a classic appearance of wood. 

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