Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Re-Design

Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Re-Design

Your website represents you, your company, even your products and services. In these present times, people look at your website, and whatever their impression they had—negative or positive, will still affect your business somehow. Thus, your website deserves undivided attention, purpose, and investment. 

Although many people are doubtful about re-designing your website, doing this can result in significant benefits. Re-design your website goes far beyond altering the design and format and improving its functionality. With this, it will take a lot of work to do, yet it will be worth it in the end.

If you’re looking for a sign whether you need to revamp your website, you’ve come to the right place. Here is the list of five reasons why you need to upgrade and change your website:

New Website Purpose

As mentioned above, purpose plays a significant factor in re-designing your website since your website cannot look the same if you have different goals and things to pursue. For instance, you want your brand to appear powerful, bold, and with a stand; however, the whole theme of your website is fun, warm, and chic—sticking to the original theme won’t speak to your purpose. 

Create More Traffic And Leads

Your website design will not matter if you want to drive more traffic and convert your website visitors into leads. What’s crucial is optimizing your website to appear in searches and building a website strategy to encourage your potential customers. 

One of the strategies you can incorporate as you design your website is blogging. Based on research, websites with a blog in their content have 55% more visits than those that don’t, and it is also proven to increase traffic by 7%. At the same time, business websites that blog acquire more customers. 

Old Site

One of the reasons you should re-design your website is that it looks outdated and boring. It doesn’t have to appear techy and luxurious; as long as your website is organized, clean, and speaks about your brand, then people will keep on coming back. 

Nowadays, customers don’t want an unappealing, tacky, and non-functioning website. You will be surprised how many customers who see an “unlike” website click exit so fast and choose other websites they liked better. So, it’s okay to keep up with trendy website designs, but keeping it minimal and authentic will be better. 

Slow And Unresponsive Website

Internet users today expect quick responses and outcomes. Hence, if they came across a slow website, there is a high chance they open a better website with the same function as you and will affect your SEO ranking. 

If your website is too sluggish to load, there is a possibility that it is underdeveloped or your hosting services are inefficient. No matter how functional your website is, it doesn’t load in a few seconds. Therefore, re-design your website to address the loading is a must. After the process, you can check the website’s speed through GTmetrix.

People use their mobile phones to access the Internet have increased dramatically. If your website is not compatible with mobile phones, it cannot accommodate a high rate of customers. One way to solve this is to re-design: make it available to mobile phones and responsive. 

High Customer Dissatisfaction

You should watch out for these signs—if your customer support team, social media accounts, or emails have hundreds and thousands of customers complaining about your website, you should watch out for these signs. If they mention these kinds of phrases and questions, it’s time to re-design your website:

  • On my smartphone, your website is inaccessible.
  • I want to purchase your goods, but I’m unsure where to get them.
  • I have problems browsing and checking out your products. Is it normal?

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