Best Shoes For Playing Cricket

Best Shoes For Playing Cricket

Cricket shoes are an important part of the cricket game and the cricket player requires quality shoes. Quality shoes provide better comfort and the ability to run quickly on the ground with safety and precise ability to absorb shocks.

Cricket shoes with rubber studs are suitable for all types of players or players who do not want to play with spike boots. A rubber stud is a great choice for cricket players. The sole of the rubber studs is made of flexible but durable rubber material.

 Cricket shoes including spikes and bowling shoes for fast performance. Well designed for maximum grip or bowling, batting, or fielding. The best types of cricket shoes are cricket rubber shoes and cricket pointed shoes. The game varies depending on the roles of the players on the field. Below we will share the four best shoes for playing cricket.

Asics Cricket Shoes

The Japanese brand Asics has become a kind of game-changer in the world of cricket boots and not without reason. There are a number of first-line cricket players who use these shoes for training or game purposes. The shoes are a bit at the top end of the spectrum in terms of price, but they offer high value for money and can last for many years.

Asics cricket boots have a solid high construction made of synthetic leather overlays and side reinforcement panels for better support in the middle of the foot. It also implements gel suspension technology on the rear leg, which reduces shocks from sharp landings and sudden brakes.

Adidas Adipower Cricket Shoes

Adidas Adipower shoes are one of the best cricket tips in the entire range of Adidas cricket shoes. This shoe is the first choice of top-line fast cricket players from England, such as Jimmy Anderson and Stuart Broad. The two fast pitchers are known for their high bowling speed and murderous swing.

The Adipower vector middle spike was developed using a leather PU upper and a high-quality Eva midsole. The combination of a PU upper, Eva midsole, and higher-quality spikes gives the shoe strength, durability, and good air circulation.

Kookaburra Pro 1500 Rubber Stud

The Kookaburra Pro 1500 studded shoes are the most popular among athletes. It is made on a PU base, which adds strength and lightness.

Specially designed nylon mesh is used on the top of the shoe, which provides the best feel in its class. The sole of the shoe is a very important element and should be flexible and durable. Kookaburra uses a special rubber and polymer bonding material to enhance the outer surface with unique designs.

GM All round Cricket Stud

As the name suggests, these cricket shoes are made for all-around types of cricket players. The upper of the shoe is made of ultra-thin microfiber, which is naturally less stressed. The microfiber used in these GM shoes is weather resistant. To improve the overall strength of the shoe, GM uses a specially designed graphite plate in the midsole, which provides players with directional stability.

In addition, GM used a lightweight Eva lining material to improve the absorption of these shoes. The sole of this shoe is made of elastic rubber with unique patterns. Overall good nail shoes for the whole type of exhibition.

Gray Nicolls Velocity 3.0 

The Gray Nicolls Velocity 3.0 has a breathable and flexible upper, which keeps your feet comfortable and enables optimum movement. In addition, the insert provides enough padding needed for long shifts.

The midsole has cozy cushioning, enabling these cricket shoes to provide enough protection and shock attenuation to face fastballs confidently. The foam insole optimizes energy transfer, so you can argue at your best speed with the maximum force field.

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