Thins You Need To Know Before Having Major Surgery

Thins You Need To Know Before Having Major Surgery

Sometimes we have to go through a long tough medical procedure. Before having that major surgery we should be aware of the things which might be going to happen to us during and after it. we should also be aware of what our body requires before having that procedure and what effect it will cause in a long term

1. Know all the nitty-gritty information

One should know all about his surgery. All about the disease and problem which requires such a major procedure. One should be aware of what’s going to happen to his body. On which part doctors are going to work on. How long will the procedure be? What will be the consequences of it? What will be the pros and cons?

2. Look for another option

Make sure you know that surgery is the only option left for your treatment. It is necessary to take the opinions of two or three doctors besides yours when it comes to such a major procedure. Maybe there are more treatment options available for you rather than having surgery. So it’s better to look and be aware of each and everything.

3. Questions you need to ask your doctor

You need to ask your doctor some questions which might help you during, before, and after the procedure. Some questions include:

– why do I need to have this surgery?

– how will this operation be performed?

 – are there any other treatment options available for me?

 – is this surgery the best option for me?

– risks and benefits of this operation?

– a complication of this procedure?

– what are my anesthesia options?

– how much time will be required to fully recover?

4. About your medical conditions:

If you are a long-term patient with diabetes or hypertension or any other disease you should know what effect your surgery will cause on it. You need to know if your medication needs to be changed or needs to be stopped according to your pre or post-operative requirements.

5. Things you are at risk of

You need to know if you are at the risk of having any blood clots problem. If this surgery will make you prone to any clotting problems. Some surgeries increase the risk of having deep venous thrombosis (DVT). Hospital infections are also a very common problem seen in admitted patients. Some patients catch hospital infections very easily. So you need to be aware of its prevention and treatment.

6. Diet

You should know the diet you need to take before having a procedure. What changes need to be made in your regular diet before the surgery. How much fluid intake you should have done before surgery. The same things go for after surgery like what changes you need to make in your diet after surgery.

7. Lifestyle changes

This is the most important point you need to know. This includes the change in our habits we need to make before and after the surgery. What things we can carry on in routine and what activities we need to amend.

8. Counseling

Counseling is something we all should get when in need. We need to know if we are emotionally and mentally strong enough to get through the procedure. To deal with the consequences of this procedure. It’s better to get counseling and get yourself mentally prepared for it too.

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