How To Find The Best Pillows For Your Couch

How To Find The Best Pillows For Your Couch

Pillows are among the best ways to add style, incorporate your personal touch, and give your couch a new life. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add color and have an accent piece in your home, this is it! 

When shopping for the best pillow, there are numerous considerations you need to make. You have to weigh which colors are best, sizes, and mix-and-match. But, don’t get carried away, as anything can go wrong through the process. 

Keep on reading as we have provided guides on choosing the best pillows for your house—like a pro!

Choose Consistent Colors

Colors are the first thing noticeable when you see a pillow. This factor creates an impression, whether good or bad. When shopping for a pillow, it’s essential to create a palette with a few complementary colors. Even though you are eager to choose your favorite ones (you can)—you have to make it work. 

If you don’t know where to start, you can follow the rule of threes and get your three colors from the room. Take note of the color of the rug, couch, and walls. From there, choose the colors that complement that area best and the rest of the house. 

Color wheel also comes in handy when you can’t decide which colors to go for. It’s easy: choose the opposite color-clashing color combination for maximum impact. Then, pick two colors that are close to each other on the color wheel for a consistent look.

Get The Right Print And Patterns

Should the pillows match everything on the couch? Definitely, no. Decorating your couch is also a form of art. You have the power to be creative and experiment with patterns of various styles and measurements. 

However, an option to make a pattern work within your couch is to ensure that the pattern prints have the same dominant color as the couch. If you have already picked a color, you can go ahead and select a pattern on the same hue. Even if the prints are way different, the whole look will still complement each other. 

Texture Is Important

You should avoid getting the same pillows with the same textures. That’s tedious and boring. Remember, the way texture elevates the whole vibe of your couch is life-changing! They play a huge part in the vivacity, depth, and interest, not only by your couch but also the whole space. 

Take your time in choosing textures to contrast your pillows. For instance, you can have options of leather, silk, chunky knit wools, faux fur, cotton, velvet, and many more. You can also experiment with the details like stitching, fringe, embroidery, even quilting.

Know The Proper Dimension And Sizes

Choosing the pillows that perfectly fit your couch is the best. Different couch styles have specific sizes that match them. For instance, a modern-style couch will look great with oblong and square-shaped pillows. In comparison, traditional look couches are best paired with square pillows with sizes of 20 to 25 inches and layering with shapes of circles. 

If you don’t know what pillow sizes you should choose, it’s best to note that the pillows become smaller as you move closer to the inside of the sofa. In short, the largest pillow is at the edge of the couch, while the small pillows are at the center. 

Numbers Of Pillows Needed

The quantity of the pillows will also matter to the look of your couch. If the size of your couch is enormous, then at least ten pillows are best. On the contrary, if your couch is small, putting many pillows will make your couch look crowded. If you want to play safe with the number, go with the even-numbered rule—put two larger pillows in this case, one at each corner of the sofa. 

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