How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Cake

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake is one of the essential parts of your special day. Typically, you want it to be tasty and beautiful and will ooze the guest’s satisfaction as they taste them. There have been many wedding cakes designs and tastes throughout the years, so it’s hard to decide which ones to go for as a couple. 

It can be overwhelming with all the designs, styles, flavors, colors, and layers. As a result, we put up the most acceptable advice to assist you in choking the perfect wedding cake of your dreams!

Look Into Multiple Bakery or Bakers

Getting a perfect baker—skilled and can turn your cake ideas into reality is a must! You must select a bakery or baker that received high ratings from their previous brides. You can look at their website as a reference or ask your friends and family members for recommendations. 

Nonetheless, it is best to choose a bakery or bakery with high ratings, use top-quality materials, create a superb design, and have their own creativity. 

Motif And Designs

Your wedding cakes will not only serve as desserts or be memorable. They will also serve as an exquisite touch in your concept and aesthetic. Perhaps you have a specific motif and design in mind—choose a cake that will complement the aesthetic of your wedding, even the venue. You can build a mood board on Pinterest to spark up your ideas, or you can refer to any wedding magazines, publications, and blogs. 

Cake Size Matters

Wedding cakes don’t need to be glamorously large to serve every one of your guests. As a matter of fact, you can just put a simple yet impactful wedding cake, then serve other sweet treats as cupcakes or cake pops with the same theme and flavor as your cake. 

Before ordering a cake, make sure that you align your budget since large cakes are expensive. You also need to estimate the number of people you’re expecting, primarily if you will serve this cake to them. You can also weigh the cake size to your venue or where you plan to place them. In this way, they won’t be too big or too little.

Prepare Your Budget

Whether you like it or not, the budget will be an option when you choose the perfect cake. Compared to standard cakes, wedding cakes are more pricey. Considering how much effort, creativity, and materials are made, these prices should not surprise you. The cost of a cake is determined by its size and the number of features included, like designs. 

Custom wedding cakes with exquisite decorations are trendy. Since they are more flexible, couples can adjust many things to their liking, increasing their price. If you want a more budget-friendly cake, you can inform your baker or go through inexpensive bakeries in your area. 

Taste And Flavors

Please avoid choosing a cake flavor only because it’s what everyone likes. It is your special day, so it’s acceptable that you wish for your dream wedding cake to look exquisite and taste just as you want it to be! Choose what you imagine the taste would be—strawberry cake with vanilla frosting to Cho-velvet cake. Name it!

Cake Elements

It’s crucial to contemplate how you’d like the cake to be presented in addition to the cake itself. Do you want frosting, buttercream, or ganache? Will you add any flowers, lines, and cake stands in displaying your cake? Will the location be outdoor or indoor? What temperature on that day is?

All of these questions matter since your cake will not be presentable as you expect on the day of the event. For instance, you choose buttercream, but your wedding is in an outdoor setting, you should anticipate that in a few hours, the cake will melt. To avoid this, talk to your baker and venue coordinator, and settle everything. 

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