Best Exercises For Your Arms

Best Exercises For Your Arms

Do you ever look at Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Gal Gadot or Halley Berry with their chiseled and ripped arms that make you go in awe? We have and though we understand that all bodies in shapes and sizes are beautiful yet well-toned arms have always been the comme il faut as per the beauty standards. Since we are working all day, we need to strengthen our upper body especially the arms to do all the physical work but also for bone health. 

Here we have curated a list of easy exercises that will keep your arms from getting flabby and will strengthen the muscles.

Bicep Curl

For the muscles in front of the arm, a bicep curl is an essential strength training exercise. Bicep curl can be done with a variety of equipment like dumbbells, cable machines, as well as resistance bands and barbells. The exercise is quite simple even for the beginners. Jut hold the dumbbell in your hand and stand shoulder-width apart. Extend your arm in front while the elbows rests on the sides and raise it towards your shoulder. Now slowly bring it back and repeat the exercise.

Push Up

If you are fitness enthusiast, then you will know that there are around 12 variations in a push up like single leg push to diamond push up, exercise and all of those are great for toned and chiseled arms. A standard push up exercise engages your core, chest and shoulder and that too without any equipment. Keep doing the knee down or the modified push up till you can do the push up and reap chiseled arms out of it.

Arm Circles

Arm circles are the simplest arm toning exercise for the females and that too without using any equipment.  Arm circles precisely target your biceps, shoulders, and triceps albeit being such an not very intimidating exercise, which also is a great cardio that helps in blood moving. Just extend your arms straight to your sides and slowly start rotating them in circular motions and gradually making the moves faster. Repeat 10 to 20 times in sets of 3.

Lateral Raise

Lateral raises are one of the best exercises for beginners because it is devoid of causing any injury. Perfect for fitness enthusiasts who want to broaden and strengthen up their shoulders. all you have to do is hold up dumbbells in each hand with shoulders relaxed and core should be engaged. Keeping the posture intact, lift your arms up while palms facing inwards, not more then the shoulder height. Gradually bring the arms down to the actual position and repeat this exercise 8 to 12 times in reps of 3.

Triceps Dip 

All you need is a bench or chair anywhere even in the safety of your homes or outside in the park and get those chair dips going. It’s a great bodyweight workout for the beginners who want to strengthen and tone their triceps. All you have to do is to sit and hold the edge of the chair or a bench and push your butt up and down while only taking support from hands and feet. Keep your back near the bench or the chair and when bending down, your elbows should be at exactly a 90-degree angle. Return to your original position and repeat the reps as many as your body allows.

Rear Delt Fly

Rear Delt Fly is also one of the best arm exercises that will strengthen your shoulder muscle and tone up your arms. Slightly bend your knees and bend forward a bit while holding dumbbells in each hand and stretch your arms down. While keeping the back flat, lift your arms straight to the sides and look downwards. Repeat the process while bringing your arms to your sides and repeat the process.

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