How To Grow Your Instagram Followers

How To Grow Your Instagram Followers

There is no denying that we live in a generation that spends more than half a day on social media and has become one of the most important parts of our lives.

Though Social media has a lot of cons it also comes with a lot of advantages that has changed people’s life for good. Influencers were practically born on Instagram. With a lot of followers, you get a lot of brands behind you to sell and advertise their products. 

Be it sharing art, or growing your business, Instagram has played a vital role in changing people’s life. We bring you a few tips and tricks that might help you grow your Instagram followers.

Be consistent

You might probably have heard it thousands of times, but this is the first and the most important step to growing your account. People usually want to follow accounts that are active.

Make sure you are active on the account and share your thoughts and ideas every day. If you are a baker, keep posting your recipe pictures of videos every day. Write poetry and share it with the world every day if you are a poet. Do not lose hope. As the famous saying goes. “Rome was not built in a day”. It does not matter even if you have fewer followers today, you will gain more in the near future based on your work.

Know your Audience

Instagram has a tool that enables you to know your audience. You can know which is the country that has a lot of your followers, or the time on which most of your followers are active. Use these tools to your advantage. Post stories for your target audience and you might notice a lot of people viewing your stories and liking your posts.

Interact with your followers

Let your followers know you. Post stories with polls and questions. When a follower is commenting on your post make sure you reply to them. A study says that Instagram shows your post to the audience often if you are interacting a lot within one hour of posting your picture or video. You can also ask a lot of questions in your captions. It does not have to be very complicated.

You can just ask about their day or if they are a tea or a coffee person. Asking them about their views is a great way to start an interaction. One more amazing way for people to get to know you is to comment on posts from different accounts. You can comment your opinion on posts from top-rated Instagrammers and attract a lot of followers your way.

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags is one of the most effective ways to be seen in the community. Research top hashtags based on your profession and start using them in your posts. You can also check the hashtags used by the top-rated Instagram users in your profession and use them to your advantage. You can also create your own hashtag and ask people to follow you.

Use Reels

Trust us on this, Reels is one of the fastest ways to reach and get your followers. Reels are the new Tik Tok for a lot of people as the Tik Tok application is banned in a lot of countries. There are people who spend time watching reels for hours together. Make sure your reel has trending music and show off your talent for the world to see.

These were our top 5 tips to increase your Instagram followers. So do follow these steps and thank you for your time in reading this article.

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