Steps For Setting Up Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Steps For Setting Up Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Google Analytics is a web analytics platform that you can use to track and analyze the performance of your site or application. Google Analytics gives you access to a wealth of data and reports about your site traffic and visitor behavior. The platform is available to anyone with a Google Account and has both a paid and a free version. Google Analytics service is part of the Google Marketing Platform.

Google Analytics is used to track website or traffic statistics through SEO. Google Analytics is a very simple tool that helps you see everything that is happening on your website. You can track everything from traffic to your site to where the traffic comes from and how visitors behave. With Google Analytics, you can see how good your site is so you can take steps to improve it. 

Google Search Console is a free tool that helps users measure their website traffic, view keyword performance, troubleshoot issues, backlinks, Internal Link, Search queries, etc. You can’t use the Google Search Console to make direct changes to your website, but you can use it to submit pages to the Google index, to verify that your site’s URLs are correct, and to check for errors on your domain.

Especially for SEO, Search Console is a good tool for customizing strategy. The data you get from the Search Console will help companies discover new ranking opportunities, improve existing performance, and find out exactly how people get to their site. This means that it is an essential tool for any business that relies on its website in terms of user experience or gaining potential customers through organic traffic.

Follow the steps below to Steps For Setting Up Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Best Steps for Setting Up Google Analytics

Setting up Google Analytics is simple and thoughtless for any business. It is free and provides a valuable overview of the activity of website visitors. We’ll show you how to set up Google Analytics.

  • Create a Google  Analytics Account
  • Login into Google Analytics
  • Add a property name (your website name).
  • Enter the Website URL
  • Choose your industry category
  • Select the reporting time zone
  • In the Data Sharing Settings section, select the settings you want.
  • Click Get Tracking ID
  • Install a tracking ID on your website

Best Steps for Setting Google Search Console

Setting up Google Search Console is a simple process. However, once you set it up, you can easily get a lot of important information. To set up Google Search Console, you’ll need to complete the following steps: 

  • Go to Google Search Console.
  • You must log in first. If you have a Google Search Console account, sign in with the same information as you used to access your Analytics account. Alternatively, you can login with your Google Account. If you don’t have a Google Account, you’ll need to create one before continuing.
  • If you have successfully logged in, click the “Add Property” button at the top of the page.
  • Enter your website URL and click Continue.
  • You will be asked to prove that you own the site in one of four ways:
  • Once you have access to the root directory of your site, you can upload an HTML file.
  • If you manage your hosting in person, you can verify this through your hosting provider.
  •  If you use Google Tag Manager, you can verify using Google Tags. Or, verify the ownership with your Google Analytics tracking ID in the fastest and easiest way.
  • If you already have a Google Analytics tracking ID installed and we encourage you to do so, setting up the Google Search Console is easy. Just click the Verify button and that’s it!

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