Outdoor vs Indoor Wedding: The Pros and Cons of Each

Outdoor vs Indoor Wedding: The Pros and Cons of Each

A wedding is the most important and memorable event in a person’s life. When planning for a wedding the first thing that comes into mind is the venue. You can select an indoor or outdoor venue for your wedding. These venues have their pros and cons. No need to worry, we have discussed them here so you can make a better decision and select a perfect venue for your special day.     

Indoor Wedding Pros

No worry about the forecast

You can select a ballroom, banquet hall, or house of God for your wedding event. The best thing about an indoor venue is that you don’t need to worry about the weather forecast. Extreme weather conditions will not hinder your event.

Décor options 

You can decorate your indoor venue as you like unless the owner is ok with it. Indoor venues give you a vast range of options to do that.

Private event

When the wedding is in a church or banquet hall, the space is limited. Hence; the event becomes more private and intimate.

Indoor Wedding Cons

Limited space

The space of the indoor venue is limited. So you guys may have to limit your guest lists.

Expensive photographers

In an indoor venue, the light for perfect photographs will not be as good as the outdoor weddings. Therefore, if you want to get good pictures then you have to hire professional photographers.  

Décor costs

You have to decorate the hall which is an expensive task. The ceiling, walls, and stage have to be decorated. The decoration cost is expensive and would take out a large chunk of your wedding budget.

Outdoor Wedding Pros

Beautiful venue

The outdoor venue provides you with natural scenery. If you guys are nature lovers, you should certainly go with this option. You can select a farmhouse, garden, and beach as your outdoor venue. Saying your vows under the blue sky, stunning scenery is a romantic idea. 

Excellent pictures

Outdoor venues come with perfect light to take pictures. You can take lovely wedding pictures in daylight with beautiful natural landscapes. You can also get perfect clicks at sunset too.   


You guys don’t need to worry about the guest list. You can invite as many guests as you want to your outdoor wedding. You will have ample space to accommodate all your guests. You guys can enjoy enough space for dancing, lawn games, and sitting arrangements. 

Less décor cost  

The expense for decoration would be very less in this venue because the natural scenery will provide perfect decor. Fewer efforts and logistics would be required to decorate the venue. Your time and efforts are saved. You don’t need to worry about the minor decoration details like in the indoor event.  

Friendly atmosphere

The outdoor venue provides a friendly atmosphere. Children have space to run around and play. The beautiful landscape would certainly lift everyone’s mood. It will make them happy and relaxed. 

Outdoor Wedding Cons

Role of Forecast

The forecast is the major aspect to consider when selecting the day for an outdoor wedding event. Extreme weather conditions could ruin your perfect day and lessen your guests’ participation. 

Harder and expensive to reserve

There are limited outdoor venues as compared to indoor ones. You will find it harder to reserve it. Usually, these venues are also expensive than indoor venues.

Unwanted invitees

Crickets, mosquitoes, and bees could also come uninvited at your wedding and ruin your special day. It’s one of the major cons of outdoor events.

Now you have read the pros and cons of an indoor and outdoor wedding, you can make an informed decision. Let us know what your decision is. Best of luck! 

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