Best Gifts For Your 10 Year Anniversary

Best Gifts For Your 10 Year Anniversary

Congratulations on a decade of relationship. Loving someone is one thing and living with them for such a long period is an entirely different thing. You guys have proved that you belong to each other. It has been an incredible journey. You guys stood by each other in good and bad times and remained committed to each other no matter what. 

Although every year of marriage should be celebrated, the 10th anniversary calls for a special celebration. So why not surprise your spouse with a special gift and make their day special and memorable.  Here is a list of traditional and modern gifts for you to choose from. 

Traditional gifts on 10th anniversary  

Traditionally 10th-anniversary gifts are made up of aluminum or tin. These metals do not rust and it symbolizes that your relationship also kept its shine for a long period. There are tons of gifts available in tin and aluminum. 

Engraved aluminum pen

You can give an engraved aluminum pen. The pen can be engraved with the name of your spouse or any other sweet message.

Sentimental picture in a tin frame 

You can also give them sentimental portraits that could be framed in a tin. It will be a memorable and romantic gift. 

Personalized Key Ring

You can buy your spouse a personalized keyring made of tin stating a sweet message like-you are the reason for my happiness or 10 years gone, forever to go. They will get a reminder of your feelings for them whenever they grab the key ring.   

Heart and rose of tin

You can give your better half heart and a rose made of tin, the rose will forever stay with them and remind them how much you adore them.

Modern gifts on 10th anniversary

Here is the list of modern and contemporary gifts which you can buy for your significant other.  

Diamond jewelry 

If you are looking for a glamorous and modern gift then a diamond is the way to go. You can gift a diamond ring or a diamond-studded watch to them on this special occasion. Whenever they see the sparkling ring on their finger or check the time it will remind them of you.

Sexy stuff

You can give her sexy lingerie. You can ignite a spark in your sex life by gifting silk handcuffs, silk blindfolds, and silk boxers. If you guys are into sex toys then you can give them a try on this anniversary and buy them for your better half.  

 Plan a romantic tour 

The 10th anniversary is an important milestone in a couple’s life.  So why not plan something big and special. You can travel and explore the world together. There are many romantic destinations in the world that you can explore together. The top destinations are Maldives, Thailand, Bhutan, Fiji, Iceland, Italy, Costa Rica, and Australia. You can also plan a romantic tour in your native country and visit beautiful destinations.

Buy them a dress        

Blue or silver color is associated with the 10th anniversary. You can buy a beautiful, elegant and stunning dress for your partner in these colors.

Take them to on a date

If you want a low-budget idea, taking them to their favorite restaurant is a good idea. You can buy tickets to the cinema and watch a romantic movie together. You can also buy tickets to their favorite game or concert as a gift and enjoy it together.     

Pick an anniversary basket

You can celebrate your years together by gifting them an anniversary basket. The anniversary basket may consist of chocolates, snacks, and their favorite wine. You can also write a beautiful handwritten love letter for them and place it in the basket. Surely your spouse will love it.  

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